Acknowledgement of Madame Lin HsiehMadame Lin Hsieh   

Founded in 1972, the institute, previously named Sze Hai College of Technology and Commerce, aims to equip our students with not only profound knowledge and practical skills, but also a sense of morality. Decades of hard work won the approval of the Ministry of Education, and in 2001 was re-titled “De Lin Institute of Technology”, adopting the educational objective: “to enlighten the students with morality and to benefit society after their graduation.”
The institute aims not only to equip students with professional theories and practical skill, but also to provide them with hi-tech academic knowledge and an expanded worldview. Moreover, to educate the students with morality is given particularly emphasis to ensure that the graduates of De Lin can be both trust-worthy and competent in every field to which they are devoted.

As a traditional annual activity for May, “ the Wishing Tree Festival” has been launched, from which students learn to value their lives and to respect people. I deeply believe in the saying “ the greater the wish, the greater the result.”  Finally, I am sincerely confident that every student of this institute will adhere faithfully, with good intentions, great deeds, and will serve as a solid pillar to the state.